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This is not a cat blog

Hello, my name is Garry Williams and I I've decided to start this blog about game development. I am currently living in the UK, but I will soon move to France, my home country, and this will be the perfect time to get myself a bit more involved in this great independent games community.

Being a professional game programmer, this blog will probably cover a lot of technical material, but it will also talk about games, game design and any cool stuff. It will not talk about cats though. Or maybe, who knows?


  1. Hi Garry!

    I want a technical post about the Kazz.Ed engine!
    Pleeeease :)

  2. Hi Guillaume,

    A Kazz.Ed making-of could be a nice first post indeed. It would show the differences between the solid framework I had before coming to the GGJ, and the monstrous code that was born in the following 48 hours :)

  3. Be available to play with your cat always being mindful of Tip #1. Don't initiate the play. Your cat will act bored and think you're a moron.


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